A fascinating history of the Beowulf period. A fascinating book well researched with great respect for accuracy for this period. I recommend reading all three books of this series for their beautiful depiction of life of the women in this era. Learn about customs, clothing, housing, medical use of herbs we are familiar with today, and about their family trials and tribulations. Beautiful!


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The descriptions of interpersonal relations inspire the reader: The author has created an epic trilogy that provides both engrossing entertainment and educational enrichment about Scandinavian and English culture before and at the time of the influx of Christianity. The plot is engaging, the writing style reflects a superb command of the English language, the attention to details provides a steady flow of insights into our northern European heritage, the description of nature and interpersonal relations inspire the reader to become a better observer. It is amply evident that years of research went into creating this view of Beowulf’s epoch from the perspective of the gentler gender.


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Great story! The story is narrated by the main character who keeps the story moving.  The plot makes one want to continue the story. It appears accurate to the time of the vikings.


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How will she live up to the demands placed upon her?

Mourning Beowulf’s death and sensing an urgent summons from her long absent mother, Freawaru leaves Geatland to cross the whale road. She leaves having blood on her hands, for she has killed a man. Her journey takes her first to Norway, land of the Brondings, where a strange young girl unexpectedly enters her life.

She next returns to Denmark, to the court of her old nemesis, Hrothulf, now the respected King Hrolf Kraki. There she seeks clues to her mother’s whereabouts, clues from the mounds of the dead and from her old rune-master, Unferth. Hrolf’s court is itself in peril from the king’s half-sister, the witch-queen Skuld. When Freawaru attempts to assist Hrolf, sobering consequences result.

Gathering her people and her courage, Freawaru sails for Angle-land, where she confronts the threat of a new religion. Her gifts as a seeress and healer are repeatedly tested as she struggles to create a home for herself and her followers in East Anglia. Her acts and decisions there, as she strives to stay true to the goddess, will affect the ruling house and the fate of its king, the redoubtable Rædwald.

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