An enchanted journey with powers from the Goddess Freyja: With amazing precision and historical accuracy, Dr. Rogers brings to life the women of Beowulf. They join you for a few engrossing hours while you travel between rival camps, as if you are one among the ladies gifted with powers from the Goddess Freyja. An enchanting adventure.

M. Nosek

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An inspired and scholarly retelling of the Beowulf saga–from the point of view of young Danish princess Freawaru:  a book that is compelling to those hearing the story of Beowulf for the first time–as well as for people like myself who have intensely studied Beowulf in the original Old English. The author does a remarkable job introducing the reader to the world of early six century Scandinavia and Northern Germany. This is a pagan world in which people worship the Norse gods Odin, Thor, and Freya, and rely on the magic of the Runes to foretell the future.


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What an adventure story! I have read this gripping adventure story twice and I’m entranced by the perspective that Donnita Rogers applies to the ancient tale of Beowulf. The daughter, Freawaru, of the King and Queen of Heorot describes life in their coastal kingdom. I read with fascination the narrative of her world full of superstition, intrigue, violence, funeral pyres and revenge as well as folk wisdom, worship rituals, and love.


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When your life is at risk, who can you trust?

For Freawaru, proud daughter of Danish King Hrothgar, growing up in a sixth-century Viking settlement should be a wonderful adventure. Blessed with a strong mother and a loving nurse, she also bears a birthmark that promises future power. Only the arrival of her treacherous cousin Hrothulf, who intends to become a rival for her father’s attention, mars her happiness. But Freawaru has no hint of what is about to come.

Without warning, darkness envelops Freawaru’s innocence and brings unimaginable terror as a night-stalking monster invades the mead hall. When a stranger arrives and offers his assistance to aid the kingdom in fighting the Grendel with magic, runes, and, shockingly, poison, everyone wonders if Unferth can live up to his promises. Meanwhile, two other contenders enter the picture: Beowulf, a boastful warrior who pledges to kill the monster with his bare hands; and Ingeld, a feuding rival chieftain who gives his word to lay aside his thirst for blood vengeance in order to save the kingdom from evil.

Each man presents a challenge to Freawaru, whose path ahead seems unclear. With her survival at stake, Freawaru must decide whom she can trust-before it is too late.

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